Gluertec was started in 2002 by 3 employees of the now defunct IPBM of Nashua, NH. With over 100 years of design, repair, and service experience across every facet of the folding/liquid packaging industry, Gluertec/Liquitec provides our clients with an incomparable resource of expertise, encompassing folder gluers, flame sealers, feeders, and packers.

In 2003 we formed Liquitec and embarked on the engineering, design, and manufacturing of our patented Skive/Hem Pre-Seal Section and, shortly thereafter the Liquitec Phoenix Flame Sealer. As a result of increased manufacturing needs, Liquitec entered into an agreement with Duran Machinery, of Istanbul, Turkey. Our engineering and production offices there coordinate all stages of our machine manufacturing from raw materials, to machine completion and testing.

The primary focus of Gluertec is to provide parts, and engineering to the general folding carton industry, coupled with world class customer service and responsiveness. The focus of Liquitec is to provide flame sealing machinery with skiving and hemming capability, with a radically different design from anything presently available on the market. A totally new machine was conceived, designed, tested and has evolved into what is considered by many, to be the most innovative and advanced piece of machinery of its kind in the world.

We, as a company, have grown the old fashioned way - - - through hard work, dedication, commitment and a vision to exceed all of your expectations.