The Liqui-tec Off-Line Skiver

The Offline is a skive and hem seal only machine for the pre-production of cup or container flat blanks that are then completed on a forming machine. This particular group of cartons is typically either conical (fanned shaped) for round or oval cups/containers, square for tube type containers or tapered for specialty containers.

The Offline incorporates the well proven and patented Liqui-tec Vacuum Hemming System which produces consistent quality skived and hem-sealed product. This skive hem process, only recently made possible for these carton types, provides the benefits of aseptic packaging with significantly longer shelf life for a wide range of products, including yoghurt, ice cream, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

  • 25mm (1") thick side frames
  • 20mm (.788") thick carriers
  • All carriers mounted on linear bearings
  • All adjusting screws are zero backlash ball type
  • All bearings are high quality low fill, low friction
  • Pneumatically lifted feed arch
  • All servo motors, drives, touch screen and PLC are SiemensTM
  • Many components are stainless steel and/or ceramic coated
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