The Gluertec PacPro

The PacPro is a carton packing work station positioned after the Folder/Gluer, designed to assist your packers to more efficiently fill corrugated boxes using less people.

PacPro accumulates the folded and glued cartons and presents them to the packing staff for placement into the corrugated cases. Installed at the end of the compression stacker PacPro receives the over-stacked cartons off the lower stacker apron and turns them onto a folded edge. The cartons may be packed side seam up or down by diverting the carton stream to the left or right on the turn conveyor.

From the turn conveyor the blanks, now edge stacked, travel to a gathering conveyor where packers manually remove the counted cartons for inspection and case.insertion.

The advantage of using the PacPro is that it not only reduces the number of packers at the end of your gluer but it eliminates the repetitive movement of the packers having to pick-up and turn individual batches of cartons to fill a corrugated box. The economical cost of the PacPro and staff reduction makes the payback on the PacPro just a matter of months.

  • Can significantly reduce repetitive movement fatigue
  • In most situations the PacPro eliminates the need for more than 1 packer
  • Provides more time for carton inspection by the packer
  • PacPro is a low cost investment and can pay for itself in a short time
  • Enhances the ability for your customer to remove their cartons from the corrugated cases for placement in filling machine magazines


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