The Phoenix Flame Sealer

The Phoenix is the premier machine in Liqui-tec’s line of equipment. It is a dedicated flame sealing machine which meets the quality and production demands of today’s poly-coated container markets. Robustly constructed, weighing more than 20 metric tons and more than 20 meters in length, the Phoenix produces sealed cartons at high speed, 700 meters per minute plus, consistently on a 24/7 schedule typical of the flame sealed packaging industry. The machine produces uniformly high-quality hem presealed/fully sealed cartons using Liqui-tec’s patented vacuum skive hem process.

Standard features of the Phoenix;

  • Side frames are 30mm thick stress relieved steel
  • All carriers, both top and bottom, move on linear bearings
  • All carriers are adjusted using zero backlash precision ball screws and nuts
  • Electronic digital positioning readouts are located throughout machine. Accurate within 0.01mm.
  • All bearing are low fill, low friction special fit for decreased motor loads and long life.
  • 2 feed gates with servo driven presser feed chains
  • Pneumatically raised and lowered feed arch, sealing roll and side score pressure rolls
  • All servo motors, drives and controls are SiemensTM.
  • Digital electronic gap indicators for sealing roll and side score pressure rolls
  • SiemensTM Touch control screen provides operator with total machine conditions and diagnostics relative to speeds, temperatures, flows, etc.
  • Includes Liqui-tec Skive Hem-Preseal technology
  • Quick and easy size changes


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